Sandstorm (Sigma Force)

By James Rollins

The explosive first experience in James Rollins' bestselling Sigma strength series!

A freak explosion within the British museum in London ignites a deadly race for an earth-shaking strength resource buried deep underneath the sands of heritage. Painter Crowe is an agent for Sigma strength, a covert arm of the safety division tasked with holding harmful medical discoveries out of enemy fingers. whilst an historic artifact issues the way in which towards the mythical "Atlantis of the Sands," Painter needs to go back and forth the world over looking for the misplaced city-and a damaging energy past imagining.

But Painter has pageant. A band of ruthless mercenaries, led by means of a former pal and best friend, also are cause on claiming the prize, and they're going to break an individual who will get of their way.

Ancient heritage collides with state of the art science-with the protection of the realm at stake!

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He yanked the discharge. The gate fell away and crashed with a clatter into the sand. all of them clambered down as Captain al-Haffi and his males, Barak and Sharif, vacated the cab. Smoke nonetheless billowed, smudging into the sky. “Where are we? ” Kara requested, protective her eyes and staring down the winding highway. To both sides, sugarcane fields climbed in swaths of dense fronds, obscuring distances. “How a long way are we from Salalah? ” “No greater than a few miles,” Omaha stated, punctuating with a shrug. He used to be not sure.

She stood, unsteady, a hand opposed to the wall. The stones have been welcoming cool. She stared up on the barred window. From the warmth, the perspective of the sunlight, it needed to be with regards to noon. yet which day? the place used to be she? She smelled the ocean and the sand. nonetheless in Arabia, she used to be certain. She crossed the room. The burning in her bladder sharpened. She hobbled to the door, lifted an arm. might they basically drug her back? She fingered the crimson bruise on the attitude of her left arm, the place the needle had dug in. She had no selection.

She considered the secret. She remembered her concepts at the manner up right here. How the previous and the current have been merging in numerous methods. She closed her eyes. She may well nearly suppose the reply emerging inside of her like a bubble in water. Then the gunshots. through an explosion. just like the one who had taken out one among Captain al-Haffi’s vans a minute or so in the past. Safia bolted again to the head of the mesa. A fireball billowed upward, shredding within the winds. The tractor lay on its part. Oh, God…Painter… She noticed a unadorned determine scrambling via the smaller truck.

More than enough. His rocky buy gave method. Painter fell, tumbling into the pit. Distantly he heard his identify referred to as. Then his shoulder struck an outcropping of rock, he bounced, and the floor rushed as much as meet him, jagged with rocks and damaged steel. half 5 hearth Down less than 19 Any Port in a hurricane DECEMBER four, 12:02 P. M. UNDERGROUND SAFIA moved quickly down the spiraling ramp, top the others. The crash above them had thrown them right into a panic. particles rolled and skittered from above: glass, rocks, even a damaged rim of steel.

Painter watched the helicopter rotor all the way down to the sands, vanishing one of the dunes. “Yes. That’s the spot at the map. Six miles off beam. ” Painter reduced his goggles. Cassandra was once too shut for convenience. “We need to get moving,” he stated. Painter fastened the bearings and headed again downhill. the 2 males slid their method down, making quicker time. achieving the ground, Painter eyed the stacked apparatus. It used to be a load. yet they dared no longer go away something they could want. “How some distance? ” Coral requested. “Half a mile,” Painter stated.

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