Great Issues in American History, Vol. II: From the Revolution to the Civil War, 1765-1865

By Richard Hofstadter

Spans the historical past of the United States from its discovery to the current, delivering a beneficiant sampling of records.

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I presume that they had a few wish of having a number of tender-footed democrats into their plot; and, performing on what they meant they could do, they despatched forth publicly to the area the falsehood that their deal with was once signed through the senators and a majority of the representatives from the nation of Ohio; but if we come to ascertain signatures, we discover nobody whig there, nobody democrat there; none yet natural, unmitigated, unadulterated abolitionists. … record 12 DRED SCOTT v. SANDFORD, 1857 those are the evidence of the case: a Negro slave, Dred Scott, owned in Missouri, was once taken by means of his proprietor to dwell for a time in unfastened territories—the first was once Illinois, a loose nation, as soon as a part of the territory from which the Ordinance of 1787 had barred slavery; and the second one used to be a spot in what's now Minnesota, from which slavery were barred through the Missouri Compromise.

Gentlemen,—Sir [to the speaker], i've been charged with giving beginning to sedition in the US. they've got spoken their sentiments with freedom by contrast unsatisfied act, and that freedom has turn into their crime. Sorry i'm to listen to the freedom of speech during this condominium, imputed as a criminal offense. however the imputation shall now not discourage me. it's a liberty I suggest to workout. No gendeman must be afraid to workout it. it's a liberty in which the gentleman who calumniates it will possibly have profited, in which he should have profited.

The pursuits for that reason of the non-electors, the electors, and the representatives, are separately a similar; to claim not anything of the relationship between neighbours, pals and relatives. the safety of the non-electors opposed to oppression, is that their oppression will fall additionally upon the electors and the representatives. the single can’t be injured and the opposite indemnified. extra, if the non-electors shouldn't be taxed by way of the British Parliament, they wouldn't be taxed in any respect; and it'd be iniquitous, in addition to a solecism within the political method, that they need to partake of the entire advantages as a result of the imposition and alertness of taxes, and derive an immunity from the situations of now not being certified to vote.

This renders a whole exhibit of the imperative defects of the Confederation helpful, on the way to convey that the evils we adventure don't continue from minute or partial imperfections, yet from basic blunders within the constitution of the development, which can't be amended differently than through an alteration within the first ideas and major pillars of the material. the good and radical vice within the development of the present Confederation is within the precept of laws for STATES or GOVERNMENTS, of their company or COLLECTIVE CAPACITIES, and as contradistinguished from the participants of which they consist.

He entered elaborately into the security of a proportional illustration, declaring for his first place, that, as all authority was once derived from the folk, equivalent numbers of individuals should have an equivalent variety of representatives, and diverse numbers of individuals, various numbers of representatives. This precept have been improperly violated within the Confederation, as a result of the pressing conditions of the time. … should not the electorate of Pennsylvania equivalent to these of latest Jersey? Does it require 100 and fifty of the previous to stability fifty of the latter?

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